Why write a meeting report when you can record your conference call to remind you and share the most important moments?

You can record all your conference call by enabling a very simple option. You don’t need any extra equipment and there’s no additional charge. The recording is stored on our secure servers. You can request that it be deleted at a later date or request it in another format by contacting us.

To start recording automatically all your conference calls, it is really simple.

  1. Make sure you enable the option before your conference call starts or else it won’t work for this meeting, only for the next ones.
  2. Go to My Admin page and log in with your email address and password.

Go to My Admin page 3. In Advanced options, follow the instructions and click here.

4. Click on the checkbox next to Auto-record.

record conference calls

5. And Save settings on the bottom of the pop-up.

record conference calls


6. After your conference call, go to the Recordings tab, in the middle of your My Admin horizontal menu bar, to find all your conference call recordings. Your last recording will appear within 2 hours after your conference call.Call recording



Your Wallet Card with your personal conferencing details is sent to you when you sign up, or if your administrator signs you up for an account. Your wallet card is made to fit snugly in your wallet so you can carry your conference call details with you at all times.

247meeting’s free Wallet Card will be sent to you automatically on sign up if a valid postal address is provided. Your personal wallet card has all the details you need to organise your conference call on the go without any fuss, without having to contact an administrator or without frantically searching your emails. 

It also has a quick guide on the reverse of the card with In Conference Commands to ensure you have full control over your call quality. Know exactly how to cut out unwanted noise as and when it happens! 

Obtaining your own wallet card means you have been issued with your own personal set of PINs so you have full control of who is on your call.

Sign Up with 247meeting today for a free trial and receive your personalised Wallet Card.


247meeting Mobile is our new Conference Call app which creates a seamless experience for you and your clients. 247meeting Mobile makes PIN codes and waiting obsolete and setting it up couldn’t be easier, just follow the steps below.

  1. Download the App
  2. Login or Sign Up 
  3. Adding existing and new contacts to your Call
  4. Start your Conference.

You can read more about 247meeting Mobile and its features at

1. Download the App

Open the App or Google Play store and search for 247meeting.

Click on Download and wait for the Open button.

Open the App and Allow Notifications.

2. Login or Sign Up

If you have an existing 247meeting account, login using your business email and password or PIN codes.

If you don’t have an existing account sign up by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button on the Login screen and filling in the short form.

When you Log In or Sign up you will be asked to verify your phone number. Once you’ve filled in your number you will shortly receive a text message with a verification code. Enter the code in the form provided and verify your number.

You will then be asked to allow 247meeting Mobile access to your contacts.

3. Adding existing and new contacts to your Call

You can add contacts from the contacts in your phone directly from the app. From the app Conference screen click on the add ‘+’ button in the top right of your screen.

You can add Guests who are not in your existing contacts book from the contact list view in the app. Click the + button in the top right-hand side of the screen and fill in the form to quickly add them to your call.

4. Start your Conference.

Once you’re happy with the list of Guests as it appears on the Conference screen, press the ‘Start Conference’ button and your Conference will begin. If you want to read more about the different features of 247meeting Mobile you can do so here.


If you need to organise a Web Conference to share your screen, presentation or powerpoint we offer a variety of Video and Web Conferencing tools to facilitate this; however, we recommend our most popular tool – Zoom.

To set this up for your account please follow these steps.

In our website:

1: Log into MyAdmin. Alternatively, if you have been set up by one of our staff please skip to step 5 on this page.

2: Once logged in, you will be redirected to the MyAdmin landing page. Locate ‘Web Conferencing’ on the bottom of the landing page.


3: Under the Zoom heading, click on the ‘Sign up’ button.


4: Once clicked and the system message emailed to the address you Logged In with you will see the following pop up

In your email:

5: Check your email for the activation message. Most of all, don’t forget your Spam or Junk folders. Once located, click on the activation link within the email.

Click on the link to accept the invitation on Zoom, web conferencing service

6: This link will bring you to an activation page where you will need to enter your details and Zoom password.
Activate your Zoom Account to host or join a web conference

Once filled in, you will finally be brought to your Zoom account and be ready to host a Zoom web conference. The next step is a quick and easy installation of the Zoom Launcher.



If you need to organise a Web Conference to share your screen, presentation or powerpoint we offer a variety of Video and Web Conferencing tools to facilitate this; however, we recommend our most popular tool – Zoom.

After clicking the activation link in your email from Zoom, you will need to install the Zoom Launcher to host Zoom meetings from your device. The Zoom Launcher is a lightweight and widely compatible piece of software that will not have any negative impact on your device and is easy to install.

1: First, you will need to navigate to and click on ‘Host a Meeting‘. Select your preferred option from the drop-down menu.
Select the type of meeting you want: Screen Share, video off or on

2: If you have never previously downloaded the Zoom Launcher your browser will begin to download it automatically if you have downloaded it previously the Zoom Launcher will be prompted to run.



3: Once downloaded successfully the Zoom Launcher will immediately be prompted to launch (you may need to allow it to do so if you receive a pop-up from your device).

4: After it has successfully launched you will see the Zoom Launcher itself pop up and ready for use. You can now start your Zoom meeting as desired: with or without video, share screen, join a meeting or schedule your next web conference.


If you need to organise a Web Conference to share your screen, presentation or powerpoint we offer a variety of Video and Web Conferencing tools to facilitate this; however, we recommend our most popular tool – Zoom.

1. Find & Open Zoom Launcher

If you need to install the Zoom Launcher (particularly if your Zoom account is new) you can follow the installation guide here.

The first step to starting your Zoom meeting is finding and opening the Zoom Launcher. You can do this in a number of ways.

You can search for ‘Zoom’ from your desktop.
start your web conference with Zoom

You may have created a ‘Zoom’ Shortcut on your desktop.

You may have pinned the ‘Zoom Launcher’ to your taskbar.



You can go to to launch a meeting, which will prompt the Zoom Launcher to run.

If this is your very first Zoom meeting and you haven’t yet installed the Zoom Launcher you will need to do so as described here.

2. Select the style of Zoom meeting you wish to Host.

Once the Zoom launcher is running you can select to host a Zoom meeting with or without video, schedule a meeting or join a meeting. For the purposes of getting started with a Zoom meeting, we recommend ‘Start with video’.

3. Invite guests to Zoom meeting

In order to join you on your meeting, your Guests will either use a unique URL or a unique Meeting ID. To send this information to them Zoom will give you the option to send a pre-generated but editable email, or you can copy the direct URL to send to your Guests however you choose.

In order to access these options click on the “Invite participants” button once the meeting has launched.


Meeting launched!
Once your guests have joined you on your meeting you have successfully gotten started with Zoom.


If you need to organise a Web Conference to share your screen, presentation or powerpoint we offer a variety of Video Calls and Web Conferencing tools to facilitate this; however, we recommend our most popular tool – Zoom.

1: Find and open the Zoom Launcher on your device and select the ‘Schedule’ option.

organise a video call

2: Using the Schedule interface select the time, date and duration for your Zoom meeting.
Schedule your video call

3: At the bottom of the Schedule interface, select your preferred calendar option, Outlook, Google or Others.

4: A Calendar item will be automatically generated with the details of your scheduled Zoom meeting, this can then be shared with your guests.

schedule web conference


Why not share an account?

We often hear of companies wanting to share conference call accounts (eg one account for everyone in the Finance Department). While this appears sensible, in practice it can lead to problems:

  • someone has to coordinate meetings to avoid clashes
  • if that person is not present or people remember the same details clashes can occur
  • people on calls can’t commit to holding another call without ‘checking first’ if the account is available
  • It is impossible to determine who has made which calls on your invoices

confidentiality and security can all too easily be compromised.


Case Study

ABC Pharmaceuticals uses a shared conference call account for their Finance Department of 8 people. It’s generally not a problem as Gwen the company receptionist keeps the details safe and is the ‘go-to’ when a conference call is required. Besides, most of the 8 people have noted down or memorised the ‘Finance’ PIN codes somewhere.
Jemma is looking for a new outsourced payroll service and uses conference calls occasionally for this, holding calls with the HR department and potential providers. Jim is the CFO and is working on a fundraising project with the CEO.

One Friday Jemma has a call organised with a prospective service provider for 2:30pm. Jim will use the same details but at 11am so there shouldn’t be a problem. On Jim’s call at 11am one of the guests asks if they can make it brief but talk again at 2:30pm when it suits him better. Jim agrees not knowing that Jemma is due to hold a payroll call at 2:30pm. At 2:31pm everyone is embarrassed to hear strange unexpected voices on the call and they all cancel their calls, stalling the fundraising and outsourcing indefinitely.

247meeting’s recommended solution is issue both Jemma and Jim with their own personal, secure accounts to avoid this.

  • There is no additional cost
  • It gives complete control to Jemma, Jim or any other colleagues who might ever hold a call
  • It assure confidentiality and security

Related Questions

There are two ways to join a conference call from a mobile without having to type in your PIN code. The first and most reliable method is to use 247meeting Mobile. You can read more about our app here.

The alternative option is to create a contact on your phone which dials the number you use to join the conference and your PIN code with a pause in between. To create a contact with a pause:

1: Create a contact in your phone, as normal.


2: Type in the Dial In number from that you would like to use.


3: Here you will need to enter a pause, as part of the same number.

4: On your keyboard, find the +*# button which once pressed should either show the option for a comma, which is a pause or will say ‘Pause’. How many pauses you should include will depend on your phone so you may need to test the pause yourself before joining a conference.

5: Finally, at the end of the number type in your PIN code, followed by the # key.



6: Save your contact and you will be able to join a conference by calling your contact, without having to enter the PIN code.


Our Priority Line service is ideal for high profile or calls where a high-touch service is required.

When activated the Priority Line Service will alert one of our Call Quality Engineers whenever someone dials into your call. The CQE will then proactively monitor your call for any technical or user issues causing disruption on your call.

If a disruption is identified the CQE will take action as appropriate, including muting offending lines dialled into the call, or playing certain guests automated messages to alert them to the disruption they are causing the call.

Your individual preferences can be discussed when configuring the service for your account.

Setting Up Priority Line

To set up the Priority Line Service for your account, please contact your account manager. If you’re unsure who that might be, please contact us and we can put you in touch with them.