Mobile Conferencing

Connect to a meeting or conference from Anywhere. The 247meeting mobile app allows you to hold Instant Conference Calls to any landline or mobile. No PIN codes, no dial-ins, no waiting.

Pick from your Contacts, Click a button and Talk: Using 247meeting’s mobile app, you can call any group of landlines or mobiles in an instant. Select a few callers from your Contacts, click the button and they will all be called wherever they are.

Save Time and Money: Countless hours are lost discussing the weather on dial-in conference calls while waiting for the last people to join. No more. Everyone is in at the same time and you can get straight down to business.

Increased Security: In secure mode there’s no risk of anyone dialing into your call by accident. You can see who’s on your call at all times, giving you peace of mind that only the people who are meant to be on your call are there.

Works with any phone, any number: Landline, mobile, smartphone, new or old – once you have your guests’ phone numbers that’s all you need! Your guests don’t even have to have the app installed or be ‘in your network’ – they just receive a call at whatever phone they have.

Auto-redial and Voicemail Filter: Sometimes your guests mightn’t be able to join your call immediately. You can filter out their voicemail and have them join the call automatically a few minutes later (redial them or send an SMS).